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How We Work


01. Inquiry

You place an inquiry with us to know more about the exact ways we can help you. Post your inquiry we would get in touch with you and would discuss with you about the exact time and place that we can meetup and discuss.


02. Meeting

We would like to meet you, your family members, and also visit your new home. The better we understand you and your family – the better we can design the way the interiors of your new home looks. We believe every family has a unique taste and style; our job is to cater to your taste and liking.


03. Designing

After having a good understanding of you and your family’s likes, dislikes, preferences, taste, and style, we start the process of ideating. We put our ideas onto a drawing board, and thus begins the process of creating that unique design that would blow your mind off.


04. Production

Now that we have that unique design that you have fallen in love with, we start the process of producing the stuff that goes into making your favorite design a reality. Our personnel will create the necessary stuff at our factory – everything is custom made and will match the design in exactness.


05. Assembly

This is the time to assemble the stuff that we’ve created at our factory at your home. During this phase you can catch glimpses of your favorite design taking shape. At the end of this phase your interiors will look just like what you were able to visualize on paper and through our computer rendered images.


06. Hand Over

Your home now looks exactly the way you wanted it! We take home the joy that we accomplished making your dream a reality.

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